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Kerala Yoga and Meditation - Kerela is the only state in India that practises the Ayurveda system, yoga and meditation with absolute dedication.

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Yoga And Meditation Kerala has come out as the premier yoga and meditation destination in India, offering the best of environs and natural therapy treatments to cure those lethargic muscles of yours. So garb the mentioned yoga-meditation tours and say hello to the healthy life!

Yoga, literally means union. Yoga is an attempt to unite the individual soul with the Universal Soul or God through rigorous mental and physical efforts. It is an integrated system of body, mind and spirit, and is fastened to ideas, values and attitudes. yoga is capable of ensuring physical well-being, mental harmony and moral elevation. The are eight steps in yoga 0YAMA Conditional yoga behaviour, personal and social, NIYAMA Attitude sublimate to yoga norms, ASANA, discipline of the physical body, PRANAYAMA control over bio energy through respiratory action, PRATYAHARA withdrawal of the senses inwards through abstraction, DHARNA that is concentration, DHYANAwhich is meditationand SAMADHI, the tranconsciousness.

The aim of yoga is to enable the person doing yoga , to transcend sense perceived, temporary appearances, unrealities and attain a vision and an experience of the super sensuous Divine Reality and attain peace and harmony. The challenge lies in transforming the inert body to the level of vibrant mind and then body and mind to be one with Yoga And Meditationthe serenity of the self. The Yoga, with the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul, creates the symphony of life. Their are various Asanas that help to attain this rhythm. Intergral part of Yoga is Meditation, an antidote to the excessive stress of modern life resulting in health problems. It helps retrain response mechanisms so that we don't react as strongly or as negatively to adverse situations. Meditation emboldens body's immune system, wards off diseases and enables quick recovery from diseases. Meditation helps mould a mind healthy, alert, positive, and calm. This, in turn, produces a body filled with vitality and health. A blend of meditation, proper diet, and yoga postures improves the general health. Medical journals say even serious heart and circulatory problems can be reversed through a regime of diet, meditation, and exercise. Meditation takes away fear, worry, and anger and replaces the mind with positive, strong attitudes. Its daily practice gives control over the flow of life-force. As a result, an attitudinal change takes place leading to dispassionate approach to worldly pleasures.

In short, meditation is a simple and powerful tool to lead a stress-free life. Relationships will be rewarding once developed a calm, relaxed sensitivity of life via meditation. All forms of meditation are good, but in our high speed society, we need to learn how to protect our energy by closing down at the end.

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