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Kerala Travel Guide

Kothamangalam Temple, Kerala

Kerala occupies an area of 38,863 square kilometer and situates in the southwestern part of India. Kerala is surrounded by Karnataka State in the northern part, Tamilnadu State in the Eastern part and Arabian Sea in the South-western part. The average temperature in various parts of Kerala is between 21° C and 32° C. Rain fall is maximum during monsoon season. The annual rainfall is about 3000mm.

According to the 1991 census, Kerala had a population of 29,098,518 with an average density of 749 persons per square kilometer. Population of men - 1,42,88,995 and women- 1,48,09,523. The population of village area is 2,14,18,224 while that of the town area is 76,80,294. Largest populated district is Malappuram (30,96,330) and the lowest populated district is Wayanad (6,72,128).

About 60 percent of population is Hindus, 20 percent is Christians and 20 percent is Muslims. Hindus are mainly concentrated in southern Kerala. The main Muslim area is the northern part of the State. Christianity was established in Kerala earlier than almost everywhere in the world. In 52 AD, St.Thomas the Apostle is said to have landed on the Malabar Coast, Kodungalloor, where a church with carved Hindu style columns supposedly the 4th century AD. Christians area mainly is in the central part of the State. There have been Syrian Christians in Kerala since at least 190 AD.

Mohiniattam DanceKerala was formed in 1956 from portions of the former Travancore-Cochin state and the former Madras state, including much of the Malabar Coast. The state capital is Trivandrum. The official language of Kerala is Malayalam. The literacy rate of men is 93.62% and women is 86.17%. There are 14 districts in Kerala. The official animal is Elephant. Official bird - Hornbill (vezhambal). Official tree - Coconut, Official flower - Cassia Fistula (Kani Konna). Kerala has a single-chamber legislative assembly of 140 seats. The state sends 29 members to the Indian national parliament: 9 to the Rajya Sabha (Upper House) and 20 to the Lok Sabha (Lower House).

Kerala may be divided in three geographical regions :[1] Highlands [2] Midlands [3] Lowlands.

The high lands slope down from the Western Ghats which rise to an average height of 900 m with a number of peaks all over 1,800m in height. This is area of major plantations like tea, coffee, rubber, cardamom and other spices.

The midlands lying , between the mountains and low lands, is made up undulating hills and valleys. This is an area of intensive cultivation. Cashew, coconut, areca nuts, tapioca, banana, rice, ginger, pepper, sugarcane and vegetables.

The low lands- the coastal area which is made up of the river deltas, backwaters and the shore of the Arabian sea, is essentially a land of coconuts and rice. Fisheries and coir industry constitute the major industries of this area.

Elephant Festival, Kerala Rice is the staple food of the people. Kerala has unique cropping pattern . It accounts 92 per cent of India's rubber, 70% of coconut, 60% tapioca, almost 100 % of lemon grass oil. Kerala is the single largest producer of certain crops like banana and ginger.

Handloom and Bamboo based industries are well developed

In 1997, Kerala became the first State to have public telephone in all its villages.

Cochin International Airport Ltd [Nedumbassery], India's first private airport was opened in June 1999. In June 2000 it was raised to International level.
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